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Soups & Stew recipe collection

New Corn Chowder, Southern Style

11 days ago


New Corn Chowder, Southern Style recipe

Old Fashioned Beef Stew

19 days ago

1.22 k

This is a very basic beef stew. It’s easy, delicious and inexpensive to make. While there are hundreds of variations of this traditional recipe, it’s hard to improve on this ver...

Pressure Cooker Beef Stew (Instant Pot)



Instant pot pressure cooker beef stew. Deliver rich "slow-cooker" flavor in just 30 minutes.

Quick and Easy Apple Dumplings

14 days ago


Be sure to spoon some of the yummy sauce from the bottom of the pan on top of the dumplings after they're baked, and serve hot with vanilla ice cream.

Roasted Winter Squash Soup



On a cold day, let this delicious roasted winter squash soup warm up your whole body.

Spicy Kale and Chick-Pea Stew



Spicy Kale and Chick-Pea Stew recipe

Terrific Beef Stew



An easy crock pot beef stew recipe. This beef stew with tomato soup, potatoes, and carrots provides plenty of sauce. Perfect for serving with egg noodles, rice or crusty bread.

Thai Curry Squash Soup



This delicious Thai curry soup is packed with goodness and great flavour. It warms you up instantly. Perfect for a cold winter supper when served with a bowl of rice.

Tortellini Soup



My favorite tortellini soup recipe. It's quick and easy to fix on a busy night and full of tasty, healthy ingredients. Make it Italian by adding some Italian seasoning and parm...

Touchdown Italian Chili



This Italian version of the Mexican favorite was given to me by a friend and former Principal in our district, Ginny Trapani. Buon Gusto!!

Turkey Meatball Orzo "Stoup"



Saw a similar recipe on GMA a few months ago, but wanted to put our own spin on it. It's a little time-consuming to make the teeny little meatballs, but definitely worth it! We ...

Tuscany White Bean Soup



A thick and delicious soup that's made with great northern beans and a variety of spices.

Veggie Jiao Zi (Chinese Dumpling) Soup

16 days ago


A light yet delicious Chinese dumpling soup. The dumpings are made with several kinds of veggies, smoked tofu, shiitake mushrooms, water chest nuts, and black fungus, tossed wit...

Very Creamy Corn Chowder



Very Creamy Corn Chowder recipe

Very Easy Tomato Soup



Very Easy Tomato Soup recipe

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