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Party recipe collection

Luxury Nachos



Nachos is definitely one popular Mexican food, and it's a perfect appetizer for party, make this luxury nachos to start celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Ma's Martini (Herring Cocktail)



Who would have thoughtyou could deliciously combine herring and gin? Well, we've done it...give it a try and tell us what you think!

Mandarin Pancakes ?New Year?



These pancakes can be made ahead and frozen. If using in Sweet Red Bean Paste Pancakes, bring back to room temperature before cooking with the red bean paste. Otherwise, reheat ...

Mediterranean Dip



A great dip that is creamy yet refreshing. Served best chilled.

Mini Apple and Brie Quiches



Apple and brie together create these yummy mini quiches. They are easy to pick up, perfect food for pot-luck or party.

Never Fail Deviled Eggs



A deviled egg is simply a stuffed egg with the addition of hot spices. There are innumerable recipes for stuffed eggs and they have been eaten since the Roman Empire.

New Year's Costas French Market Doughnuts (Beignets)



Nothing else can be better than it, big hit and a worthy keeper!

New Year's Four Cheese Margherita Pizza



Really wonderful flavor on this pizza. Light and fresh tasting. I had never used Fontina cheese before, and it was excellent. This pizza was incredible, and I didn't change a th...

New Year's Mongolian Hot Pot With Chicken and Shrimp



Very good for celebrating New Year, with the whole families, very ho, if you do like spicy, can add hot chili oil as needed!

New Year's Party Lemonade



Extremely fresh tasting and refreshing, really very nice for a party!

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