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Party recipe collection

Halloween Ghosts Family Cake



This host of ghosts cake is easy to make, and the result is super outstanding, want to impress your guests? Try this out!

Halloween Gingerbread Skeletons Cookies



Gingerbread Skeleton cookies that kids can make with you together, it is full of fun to make, and it is worth the efforts!

Halloween Homemade Pops



Make your own pops at this Halloween, easy to make, and taste good!

Hawaiian Party food - Oriental Pate (New Year)



It can be a very good appetizer after dinner! Welcomed by everyone!

Hoppin' John (New Year)



Good, inexpensive hearty meal although I would spice it up a little more probably with garlic and more onion.

Hot Stuffed Avocado



Instead of guacamole or a salad dish, make these hot stuffed avocado. Creamy, cheesy, warm and packed with yumminess. They are great for Super Bowl or any gather-together occa...

Kids' Favourite Fruit Salad



This fruit salad is a very simple tasty and nutritious dish.

Lettuce Wraps (Chinese New Year)



Very popular in Asian restaurants, can be used as a appetizer or main dish, both work very well.

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