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French recipe collection

Lemon and Thyme Marinade



This is a tangy marinade, containing equal amounts of lemon juice and oil, and is good for rich meats like chicken thighs. It can be used for chicken breasts too, but their skin...

Lou Pastis En Pott (Potted Meat)



Lou Pastis En Pott (Potted Meat) recipe

Master Chef Beef Wellington



Master Chef Beef Wellington recipe

Microwave French Onion Soup



Beef Broth French Onion Soup recipe

Miniature French Breakfast Puffs



Miniature French Breakfast Puffs recipe

Mustard Bechamel Sauce

about 23 hours ago


An quick and easy to make enriched Bechamel sauce that is excellent on fish or other broiled meats.

New Year's Costas French Market Doughnuts (Beignets)



Nothing else can be better than it, big hit and a worthy keeper!

Peach French Toast



It is an easy and nice peach french toast, I always make them for breakfasts, or desserts between the meals, they taste very great.

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