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Diabetic recipe collection

Chocolate Soup



Try this new take on soup with this delicious recipe that uses cocoa powder and milk to give it a decadent taste.

Congee/ Kanji/ Jook/ Rice Gruel

about 4 hours ago


Congee is the Chinese name, Kanji the Japanese, and Jook is the Filipino name, all for the same thing. In English it would be called Rice Gruel or maybe Rice Hot Cereal, but pro...

Deluxe Potato Salad

18 days ago


Diabetic Banana Cream Pie

15 days ago


Diabetic Banana Cream Pie recipe

Diabetic Chocolate Fudge Balls



A diabetic fudge recipe. Instead of squares the fudge is rolled into balls and coated.

Diet Cream Soup Base



A basic soup base that's made with tomato sauce. Perfect to use when creating any kind of soup!

Easy Buttercup Squash



Buttercup squash is one of the sweetest varieties of winter squash, and its seeds make a great snack, just like pumpkin seeds.

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