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Cheese and Egg recipe collection

Filled Chocolate Cupcakes



This is a very chocolate flavour cupcakes, if you do love the chocolate, try this recipe, very yummy!

Asparagus And Cheese Canape



It is a great appetizer, very nice cheese with asparagus, at New Year, always popular!

Assorted Vegetables Poached Eggs



Eggs are poached into assorted vegetables and tomato sauce, with the melted cheese on top. This is a quick, easy, delicious, healthy and economical dish!

Cheese Fudge

21 days ago


Eggplant Tomato Tart



I've made this pie and my adult daughters thought it tasted like pizza. I love it!!!

Festival Eggs

19 days ago


Florentine Lasagna

8 days ago


This is great lasagna, very nice flavor.

Fugelbo (Bird's Nest)



Each person then mixes his own ingredients at the table. This may be served as a first course, as part of a smorgosbord, or as a late-supper snack with beer.

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