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Cheese and Egg recipe collection

Kicked Up Breakfast Sandwich

29 days ago


A spicy-sweet variation of the typical breakfast egg sandwich.

Low Fat Breakfast Omelet

3 days ago


Enjoy this scrumptious breakfast omelet made with mushrooms, ham and cheese.

Mexican Deviled Eggs

28 days ago


Mother's Day Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

28 days ago


The casserole turned out quite good, especially considering a reasonably low fat dish. Not only your mother will be impressed, this casserole is also an excellent breakfast or b...

Potato and Spinach Frittata

14 days ago


This potato and spinach frittata was delicious, and it had enough goodness for me to start off my day. You can use sweet potato, and other leafy greens such as kale and Swiss ch...

Southwestern Eggs



A very quick and easy breakfast or brunch recipe. It came out delicious. Had my veggies, proteins, fibers and carb all in one dish.

Spinach and Feta Phyllo Muffins

28 days ago


we didn't use up the whole filling from Greek croustade, then we used the leftover filling and made some phyllo muffins, they came out so cute, delicate and delicious. Being cre...

Vegetable Frittata with Cheese



This is a good breakfast selection, you can also serve it as a side dish with some meat main dish, it is great too.

Vegetable Omelet with Cheese

19 days ago


Awesome Spinach Pie

28 days ago


Awesome Spinach Pie recipe

Blueberry French Toast (Low-fat)

28 days ago


A delicious breakfast or brunch can be prepared the night before. You will love how good your house smells when you bake it in the oven the next day.

Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Frittata



Make this moist and delicious frittata for breakfast. It provides you with enough nutritions that you need to power through the whole morning before lunch hunger arrives, and ne...

Light Spinach Quiche

about 11 hours ago


Spot this recipe on New York Time, and it sounds great. So I did a few changes, here my version of this light spinach quiche is.

Pizza Egg Melts

28 days ago


We didn't have English muffins, so used rosemary-olive oil bread that we bought from Costco instead, and it worked perfectly.

Egg Pancake with Vegetables and Feta

28 days ago


A delicious egg pancake is folded with sauteed vegetables and feta cheese. A delicious and energetic breakfast to start you day.

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