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Rice vermicelli

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23 recipes

Asian Noodle, Cucumber and Lettuce with Peanut Sauce

7 days ago


Toss vermicelli, cucumber, radishes, lettuce with store-bought or homemade peanut sauce. The dish can be made a few hours or one day ahead. A deliciously refreshing summer dish.

Baked Spring Roll



An exciting blend of vegetables and spices is sealed inside wrappers, then baked until crisp. Delicious and crunchy without deep frying! I’ll keep it short today. I’d like to th...

Sweet Potato Miso Stew



A cozy and comfy miso stew is ideal for cool fall and cold winter. Sweet potato, tofu (or you can use cooked chicken or pork meat instead), and mushrooms are browned with garlic...

Soy Bean Salad with Brown Rice Noodles



A tasty yet light salad is made with brown rice noodles, soy beans, carrot, bell pepper, red onion, sea weed, and a sour-sweet dressing.

Thai Pasta and Seafood Salad

2 days ago


Delicious and refreshing.

Homemade Potato Appetizer



Try this recipe.They are great to serve as a party snack.

Chinese Noodles with Peanut Sauce



Chicken with thin noodles in a Asian inspired peanut sauce.

Ginger Prawn and Noodle Salad



Char-grilled prawns and noodles drizzled in a Lemon Aspen dressing.