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272 20 minute chicken recipes


Rich Chicken a la King



A succulent chicken dish made with green bell peppers, fresh mushrooms and a dash of cayenne pepper which is fitting to feed a King.

Canadian Cipate (C-Pout)



A delicious French-Canadian dish made with boneless pork, veal and white wine.

Chicken-Chili Casserole



Entertain your family or friends with this scrumptious casserole made with succulent cheese, green chili peppers and shredded jack cheese.

Akin Back Farm's Pasta Blue



A succulent dish made with chicken breasts, spinach, ziti pasta and gorgonzola cheese.

Almond Crumb Chicken



Make your appetite crumble with this scrumptious chicken dish that's easy to make.

Aloha Chicken



Say hello to this simple recipe that will help you make a succulent chicken dish everyone will remember.

Ten Minute Sichuan Chicken



Easy Asian chicken dinner in 10 minute flat.

Angel Hair Soup with Chicken & Pine Nuts



Only 5 ingredients and very quick and easy to prepare chicken soup that's suitable for chicken dinner.

Amazing Chicken Parmesan with White Wine Sauce



Amazing Chicken Parmesan with White Wine Sauce recipe

Madras Chicken Buns



Healthy and tasty low-fat curried chicken salad that's that's served hot and is loaded with a variety of textures and delivers great crunch.

Amazing Chicken and Tomato Greek Salad



Amazing Chicken and Tomato Greek Salad recipe

Almond Crusted Catalan Chicken



Marinating chicken in this creamy, orang-y and sweet marinade really gives the chicken lots of yummy flavor, also make the chicken very tender, then coated with almond-bread cru...

10 Minute Corny Chicken



Chicken in corn over rice, quick and easy if you use pre-cooked or canned chunk chicken it's ready in 10 minutes flat!

A Nice Easy Garlic Chicken



It can't get much easier than this, sprinkle chicken breasts with seasoning and cook. A quick and easy meal for those picky eaters.

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