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579 sage recipes

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Chicken And Sausage Jambalaya



If you're having friends over, then don't hesitate to make this hearty dish made with succulent ham, smoked sausage and hot pepper sauce.

Apple Sausage Pancakes with Cider Syrup



Apple Sausage Pancakes with Cider Syrup recipe

Best Sausage Gravy



This is the first recipe that I felt I needed to rate. I misplaced it and had to resort to another recipe....very disappointing. This is the best sausage gravy recipe ever. I...

Barbequed Sausages



Top notch!

Chicken, Okra and Sausage Gumbo



Chicken, Okra and Sausage Gumbo recipe

Skillet Honey and Sage Cornbread



Use a skillet to make this moist and tasty corn bread that is loaded with the fragrance from the sage and honey!

Sweet Italian Sausage Petal Pie



Italian sausage in gravy surrounded by fluffy sage biscuits. The biscuits puff up around the edges like a flower with sweet Italian sausage gravy bubbling away in the center.

Southern Living Sausage Balls



This version of the classic southern party snack is less greasy and feature a healthy dose of cheddar cheese and buttermilk for extra flavor.

Sausage-Cheese Balls



Cheese Balls by Bisquick

Sausage Cacciatore



My sister was kind enough to share her wonderful recipe with me. Serve over any type of cooked pasta.

Sugar Snap Peas with Browned Butter, Hazelnuts and Sage



Toasted hazelnuts and sage are cooked in browned butter, then toss in blanched sugar snap peas. This deliciously refreshing recipe makes your sugar snap peas sing.

Vegetarian Italian Sausage (Seitan)



I was out of Tofurkey Italian Sausage tonight and needed to substitute something else because I can't buy it. I had a cupboard full of Bob's Vital Wheat Gluten and some TVP, so ...

Sausage Braid



Similar to a Panzarotti

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