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284 bacon recipes

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Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp With Creamy Horseradish



Can be used as an appetizer, or the main course, but either way this scrumptious dish doesn't disappoint in taste!

Bacon & Smoked Oysters



Excite your tastebuds with this delicious dish made with bacon slices and smoked oysters.

Beef, Bean, and Bacon Casserole



If you need a savory dish to carry with you to the next family gathering, try this recipe that will have your relatives talking!

Yummy Bacon-Topped Cheese Soup



Bacon-Topped Cheese Soup recipe

Turkey Bacon Burgers



Turkey Bacon Burgers recipe

Tom's Bacon Potato Soup



Bacon Potato Soup recipe

Easy Microwave Bacon Potato Soup



Easy Microwave Bacon Potato Soup recipe

German Bacon Potato Soup



German Bacon Potato Soup recipe

Creamy Baked Potato Soup with Bacon and Cheddar



Creamy Baked Potato Soup with Bacon and Cheddar recipe

Turkey Bacon Pasta Salad



Turn leftover turkey into a refreshing pasta salad with sweet great peas, crunchy celery topped with bacon.

Creamy Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Horseradish Sauce



Brussels sprouts, steamed just until crisp tender and tossed in a creamy bacon and horseradish sauce.

Roast Onion and Bacon Dip



A classic combination using fresh ingredients instead of dry and salty onion soup mix. Perfect for veggies or as a chip dip.

Earth Family Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin



This pork tenderloin will melt in your mouth. The Earth Family Teriyaki Sauce is addictive!

Spring Cabbage with Bacon and Chorizo



for fans of spring cabbage and typical combinations..

Fried Potato and Bacon Salad



Crispy pieces of fried potatoes with bacon pieces and more! Served warm but can eat cold too.

Rice Paper Bacon



Aaaah, facon (or fake bacon). Some are hit-and-miss, but because bacon is the one thing most people miss when switching to a vegetarian or vegan way-of-life, it’s expected a fit...

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