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Salmon recipe collection

James Barber's Pan Roasted Salmon with Sweet Peppers

11 days ago


A colourful vegetable mixture accompanies succulent salmon steaks for a quick and easy dish. Great with steamed rice.

Oven-Roasted Salmon, Asparagus and New Potatoes

21 天 ago


So good!

Polynesian Glazed Salmon

1 day ago


A succulent and tantalizing salmon dish made with garlic, horseradish and pure maple syrup.

Salmon Fillet with Dilled Potatoes

22 days ago


Quick, easy and delicious. The creamy potato salad was a great side dish to serve with dilly salmon, and we had all the goodness our bodies needed as well. A perfect dinner on a...

Salmon in Dill Sauce

21 天 ago


Add some sophistication to dinner with this scrumptious salmon dish that will instantly become one of your new favorites.

Salmon Quiche

21 days ago


Scallop and Smoked Salmon Pasta

9 days ago


We liked it very much. The flavour is strong so make sure you serve it to those who like fish or cut down on the smoked salmon.

Seared Salmon

21 days ago


Very nice flavor and easy to make. I drizzled some of the marinade over the salmon during the covered cooking time and used it as a sauce. I might add some chopped fresh ginger ...

Secret Fresh Salmon Cakes

21 days ago


This salmon cake recipe uses fresh instead of canned salmon, and details step-by-step how to make salmon cakes.

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Soufflé

21 days ago


Smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese baked into a light and fluffy soufflé. A decadent Sunday brunch favorite in our house.

Smoked Salmon Hero Sandwich

22 days ago


Suzy's Lime Cheesecake

21 days ago


Suzy's Lime Cheesecake recipe

Warm Salmon Salad with Crispy Potatoes

21 days ago


Kick it up a notch with this version of salmon salad. The crispy potatoes make the dish worthy of serving to guests. Be prepared for rave reviews. It can also be stuffed into ...

Fusilli with Smoked Salmon

22 days ago


This creamy and smoky dish will for sure satisfy your appetite.

Salmon in Aioli Sauce

21 days ago


A rich and delicious and satisfying salmon dish that even meets all the requirements of a Paleo diet.

Smoked Salmon Crepe Spirals

18 days ago


An easy to make and impressive appetizer or snack. Smokey, creamy and packed with flavor.

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