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Salmon recipe collection

Twice Baked Potatoes with Smoked Salmon and Chives

1 day ago


These smoked salmon and chives twice baked potatoes give the traditional recipe a modern twist. The smoky flavor and creamy texture are deliciously balanced.

15 Minute Perfect Shallow Poached Salmon

6 days ago


Incredibly quick and easy and packed with flavor. Shallow poaching keeps the flavor from leeching into the poaching liquid and then reducing the liquid to make a sauce captures ...

Alaska Salmon Salad Sandwich

5 days ago


This quick and easy recipe will help you make a light but scrumptious lunch.

Always Yummy Salmon Cakes



Pan-Fried Salmon Cakes

Aussie: Roseville Tea Sandwiches

1 day ago


Take a trip to the Outback with this scrumptious appetizer. Perfect for a relaxing day in the shade with a cup of tea!

Best Salmon Cakes

17 days ago


If dinner's not ready yet and your guests are starting to get hungry, then serve these quick and easy salmon cakes as a starter.

Brown Sugar and Soy Glazed Salmon with Broccoli Rice

25 days ago


This easy to make dish will for sure wow your dinner table. The brown sugar and soy sauce glaze is salty and sweet, which makes a delicious crust for the salmon after broiling. ...

Brown Sugar and Soy Grilled Salmon

15 days ago


Excellent, the taste was awesome, very easy. This is probably by far my favorite salmon recipe.

Chef Andrew Berman's Potato-Horseradish Soup



Chef Andrew Berman's Potato-Horseradish Soup recipe

Crispy Salmon with Mushrooms

20 days ago


Quick and easy. Cooking the salmon on one side over a higher heat creates an incredibly crispy coating to the salmon with or without the skin. In this recipe a flavorful mushro...

Cucumber Rounds with Smoked Salmon Mousse



Quick and easy to make finger food perfect hors d'oeuvres or even as a mid-day snack. Rich and creamy smoked salmon mousse on top of light refreshing cucumber rounds.

Dilled Salmon Steaks



Super quick and easy way to dress up healthy omega 3 filled salmon. Dill, lemon and capers work perfectly with quick broiled salmon.

Easy Baked Salmon with Dill on Rice

17 days ago


Oven baked salmon with dill recipe bakes in rice topped tomatoes and mushrooms for an easy weekday main dish recipe.

Fresh Sorrel Mayonnaise

9 days ago


A wonderful sauce for fresh grilled salmon, halibut or sea bass.

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