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4 Tips to Lose More Weight by Walking

#1 Walk Faster. Even though jogging and running burn far more calories than walking, many of us find walking easier on our bodies. If you are out to lose weight and burn calories, increase your speed. Be sure to break a sweat and walk as quickly as is comfortably possible. If you are a very brisk walker, you can burn just as many calories as running if you add a little more distance and time to your walk.

#2 Add Weights. Carrying light weights and involving your arms moving forward and back as you walk increases the overall work that your body is doing. You can also purchase ankle and wrist bands with weights added to them to achieve the same effect. Adding weights to your walks helps to strengthen arm, torso and leg muscles. It also helps improve your cardiovascular health.

#3 Go Further. Because running burns more calories per kilometer, you may want to add to the distance and time of your walk. Get out your headphones and listen to your favourite music on the treadmill or outside to make the time pass more quickly. You can even “cheat” at the gym or on a home treadmill by watching television programs while you walk. Find a good walking buddy and set longer distance goals together. Having a friend to chat with also makes an hour long walk feel shorter.

#4 Alternate Walking & Jogging. Whenever possible, sneak in a little bit of jogging into your walk routine. Even if you can’t jog or run for long distances, break up your brisk walk by jogging for a few minutes and then go back to your walking speed. This will burn more calories than just walking alone. When walking with a friend, and if you are fit enough to run, make the walk even more fun with short sprint races.