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How to Recover from a Food Binge?

Overdoing it around the holidays happens before we know it. Unfortunately, we feel the effects for a long time afterward if we don’t take the right steps to recover. 

You may feel bloated, and even a little guilty about your holiday splurge, but, don’t worry, because we have some tips that will help you get back to your normal self in no time flat. 

We can restore your good health from your food coma, if you follow these great tips!

Change the Way You are Thinking: Instead of feeling guilty and regretting your lack of self control, remember that you were celebrating with family and friends, and simply made a few bad choices in food or drink. This is not the end of the world! You do not have to go on some strict juice cleanse or fast for an extended period of time. Instead, commit yourself to resuming your healthy lifestyle and taking better care of yourself moving forward. Forgive yourself for the bad choices and begin eating healthier and get some exercise. Wallowing in your bad decisions will only make it worse. Your emotional attitude toward the binge and toward your recovery will be important to your success.

Don’t Wait to Get Started: Once you realize that you have overindulged, you want to take quick action. Don’t just go lie down to rest. Instead, take a brisk walk to get the blood flowing and start burning some calories. This quick walk will help to boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar, and clear your mind. When you return, you will feel re-energized and ready to get healthy again. If you have overindulged on alcohol, skip the coffee as a recovery and reach for water or green tea, which are better for cleansing and for digestion. The water and green tea will also help you recover from the bloated feeling that you are experiencing.

Restore Your Mind: A quick session of yoga or meditation will help you get your mind back to a place where it is healthy and productive. Take a few minutes to add this into your day, and enjoy the results.

One day of binging will not cause you extended harm. As long as you are ready to forgive yourself and move on, and restore your healthy lifestyle, everything will probably be just fine!