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Top 20 Salmon recipes

that are low in salt

Pesto Salmon and Sea Scallops with Shallot Sauce

2 days ago

2.86 k

Salmon is rich in omega 3 and is becoming more and more popular in our normal cooking, in this recipe we use salmon and scallops with the delicious shallot sauce, easy and simpl...

Diabetic Salmon Patties

about 10 hours ago


Diabetic Salmon Patties recipe

Balsamic Glazed Salmon

11 days ago


This easy balsamic glaze makes a delicious coating for salmon. Enjoy it with simply roasted asparagus.

Easy Baked Salmon with Dill on Rice

9 days ago


Oven baked salmon with dill recipe bakes in rice topped tomatoes and mushrooms for an easy weekday main dish recipe.

Cucumber Rounds with Smoked Salmon Mousse



Quick and easy to make finger food perfect hors d'oeuvres or even as a mid-day snack. Rich and creamy smoked salmon mousse on top of light refreshing cucumber rounds.

Maple-dill Roasted Salmon



Quick and easy roasted salmon with a sweet and slightly citrus glaze.

Salmon in Dill Sauce

22 days ago


Add some sophistication to dinner with this scrumptious salmon dish that will instantly become one of your new favorites.

James Barber's Pan Roasted Salmon with Sweet Peppers

5 days ago


A colourful vegetable mixture accompanies succulent salmon steaks for a quick and easy dish. Great with steamed rice.

Salmon Rice Loaf

24 days ago


Salmon and Rice Dish

Baked Salmon



Summer means fishing! So enjoy this dish that is perfect with rice or potatoes!

Salmon with Chive And Herb Sauce

29 days ago


The herb sauce was delicious and packed with flavour. However I seared the salmon in the hot skillet until nicely done, removed from the pan, then made the sauce with the remain...

Salmon Poached with Tomatoes and Swiss Chard



Rich and creamy shallow poached tender salmon.

Easy Smoked Salmon Sticks



Quick and easy finger food/horderves for your next party or good for any gathering. Smoked salmon wrapped around a bread stick. Easy to make and easy to serve horderve.

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