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Russian recipe collection

Flaming Chicken Gorky

1 day ago

1.13 k

An easy flaming chicken main dish that even picky teenagers will gobble up. Very simple ingredients with a tasty sauce perfect for potatoes or rice on the side. Flames optional ...




We love it!!

Russian Shashlik

1 day ago

1.51 k

Experience the traditional Russian dish called, "Shashlik" Throughout the Middle East, South Russia, and Siberia this meal has been a favorite for centuries. Most of the western...

Napolean Cake



For as far as I can remember my Aunt made this custard filled cake that has what seemed like 100's of layers. Unbelievably good.

Cossack Roast



If you're having a dinner with friends this succulent roast is perfect. With its variety of spices will have your mouth-watering for more!

Best Borscht



Best Borscht recipe




Botvinia (Cold, Green Vegetable Soup with Fish)

12 days ago


Cold green vegetable soup with poached fish. Source: Olga Gorechev, St. Petersburg, Russia

Classic Russian Black Rye Bread

9 days ago


Russian Black Rye Bread recipe

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