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Rabbit recipe collection

Rabbit with Tarragon Sauce

22 days ago


Great recipe, simple and delicious.. I got rabbit shoulders only and next time I would buy a whole rabbit..It was unforgettable dinner.. Thanks..

Le Filet De Lapin A La Moutarde



Cook like a famous French chef with this simple recipe that uses rabbit fillets and creole mustard.

Canadian Cipate (C-Pout)

about 9 hours ago


A delicious French-Canadian dish made with boneless pork, veal and white wine.

A Grete Pye



No Christmas feast in medieval times was complete without a 'grete pye'. In some recipes, it could contain many varied meats, but quite often only two or three different kinds...

Alheiras de Mirandela



An exotic and succulent dish made with lean beef, veal, chicken and turkey. A heavenly dish for meat lovers!

Canned Rabbit Stew

3 days ago


Canned Rabbit Stew recipe

Crockpot Barbecue Meats



Only 2 ingredients and your slow cooker can turn any meat into fall apart and tender goodness.

Delicious Rabbit Hasenpfeffer



Delicious Rabbit Hasenpfeffer recipe

Favorite Hasenpfeffer



Favorite Hasenpfeffer recipe

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