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Top 20 Pudding recipes

Lazarus Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

8 days ago

2.49 k

Best bread pudding recipe with a vanilla custard bottom and a lovely rich whiskey sauce for serving. Decadent and utterly delicious. Turns stale bread into true comfort food.

Jackson's Vanilla Wafer Banana Pudding

7 days ago

1.92 k

Why bother making Jello when you can try this rich pudding made of bananas and vanilla wafers.

Raspberry Pudding Cake

about 2 hours ago

1.85 k

Looks great, tastes great. It is best to place it on a cookie sheet covered with foil in case there is any boil over when baking. This is a restaurant quality recipe, absolute...

Black Pudding (Irish)

about 2 hours ago

2.54 k

Black Pudding (Irish) recipe

Crockpot Rice Pudding

1 day ago

2.01 k

Dust off your crockpot and try making this scrumptious rice pudding that everyone will enjoy!

Harrod's Christmas Pudding



This classic Christmas Plum Pudding is a holiday treat straight from merry Olde England. Yield: Two 2 lb. puddings. From Special Writer Marilyn Kluger's 11/25/92 "A Dicken...

Chocolate Coffee Pudding Cake

2 days ago

1.03 k

This chocolate coffee pudding cake is a great dessert for family or your guests. Easy to make, and it tastes so good!

Ultimate Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

8 days ago


Gooey, moist and tons of chocolate flavor! It's such an easy way to make a decadent dessert that has chocolate cake, fudge and brownie all in one scoop, which definitely makes e...

Cuban Bread Pudding

about 11 hours ago


Cuban bread pudding is a classic and popular dessert in Cuba, and it is easy to make, you can put any your favorite topping onto it to give the pudding extra goodness.

Rhubarb Radio Pudding

25 days ago


Followed the recipe exactly, and the pudding came out absolutely delicious. The caramel sauce at the bottom added another layer of yumminess to the buttery and moist delicious c...

Apple and Barley Pudding (Irish)



A delicious dish made with pearl barley, juicy apples and a bit of double cream that just might make you lucky like the Irish!

Sugar-Free Pudding Cookies

4 days ago


These sugar-free pudding cookies are easy to make, and no worries about sugar.

Denver Chocolate Pudding Cake

9 days ago


So chocolaty and delicious. This was our dessert after dinner yesterday, in order to feel less guilty, I modified the recipe and made a healthier chocolate pudding cake (see the...

Oyster Pudding



Spinach, Mushroom and Vegetable Bread Pudding

30 days ago


A great way to use up day old bread. A savory version of bread pudding with spinach and mushrooms that's cheesy delicious.

Upside Down Chocolate Pudding Cake



This rich and moist cake is the perfect dessert for those who love chocolate!

Key Lime Pudding Cake

27 days ago


A self-saucing cake that's magically fluffy and creates it's own tangy key lime curd. Developed at our summer home in Key Largo with inspiration after watching Junior MasterChef...

Vanilla Bean Blancmange



Literally means "white food". Blancmange is a delicate, quivering snow-white pudding that goes back to the 16th century that was extremely popular in the Victorian age.

Steamed Carrot Pudding



An old Welsh steamed carrot pudding -- This is a good steamed pudding, despite the list of ingredients that are "good for you". The sauce (following the recipe) is not a neces...

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