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Pea recipe collection

Creamed Peas on Toast

5 days ago

1.19 k

Just like mom used to make it

Easy Mint Peas



Quick, easy and refreshing. Serve this tasty and light side dish with any your favorite meat dishes.

Leftover Chicken and Dumpling Casserole

3 days ago

3.09 k

Chicken and Dumpling Casserole recipe

Minted Split and Fresh Pea Soup



Minted Split and Fresh Pea Soup recipe

Mom's Cream of Broccoli and Pea Soup

26 天 ago


Cream of Broccoli and Pea Soup recipe

Sugar Snap Peas with Mint and Ham



Very easy recipe that highlight the sweetness and crispness of sugar snap peas with combine perfectly with the salty ham.

Awesome Risotto with Peas



Awesome Risotto with Peas recipe

Chicken and Stars Soup with Peas



This is an easy recipe with some great flavor. Next time I will have rice instead of pasta, and I think it will be yummy too.

Chicken, Pea and Rice Casserole



Chicken, Pea and Rice Casserole recipe

Delicious Vegan Shepherd's Pie



Delicious Vegan Shepherd's Pie recipe

Easy Chicken Fried Rice



Quick and easy chicken fried rice. This is a great way to use up leftover cooked rice.

Easy Creamy Chicken Pot Pie



Chicken Pot Pie recipe

English Shepherd's Pie



Mushrooms, beef, tomatoes and peas are cooked into flavorful gravy, and topped with creamy mashed potato that becomes golden, brown and crispy after baking.

Favorite Quebec Pea Soup



Quebec Pea Soup recipe

Favourite Cheesy Pea soup



Unique, warm, and comforting.

Favourite Hearty Vegetable Stew



Favourite Hearty Vegetable Stew recipe

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