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Mousse recipe collection

Super Rich Chocolate Mousse



Chocolate mousse is a great dessert for entertaining because 1) it looks pretty, 2) everyone gets their own serving, and 3) you can make it a day ahead of time.

Best Pumpkin Mousse



"The light and fluffy texture of this this cool and creamy mousse is perfect after a heavy turkey dinner."

Chocolate Mousse Tart with Gumleaf Cream and Wild Rosella Confit



A chocolate mousse tart with cream made from gumleaf and served with a side of rosella confit.

Easy Chocolate Mousse



Easy Chocolate Mousse recipe

Lemon Butter Mousse

7 days ago


It's heavenly delicious, that's all I can say! Buttery, creamy, silky, and oh, my... It had everything that I was craving :) Thanks for sharing such a great recipe!

Ultimate Dark Chocolate Mousse



If you are a big fan of dark chocolate and mousse, this ultimate dark chocolate mousse will be sure to satisfy your cravings and taste buds.

5 Minute Chocolate Mousse



Creamy, decadent and ready in less than five minutes, this is a great chance to introduce superfoods, bananas and avocados to children 8 months and older. Rich in healthy fats n...

Amazing White Chocolate Mousse



Amazing White Chocolate Mousse recipe

Best Mango Mousse Cake



Mango Mousse Cake recipe

Cheese Mousse



This mousse is different from sweet cheese mousse, I do prefer this one!

Chocolate Rum Mousse



Chocolate Mousse recipe

Classic White Chocolate Mousse



Classic White Chocolate Mousse recipe

Death By Chocolate Truffle Tart with Espresso Sauce



A chocolate mousse tart that deserves the title "Death by Chocolate" Yum.

Decadent Pumpkin Mousse



Decadent Pumpkin Mousse recipe

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