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Herbs and Spice recipe collection

Chickpea Burgers



Packed with nutrients and the burger is also delicious. Serve these veggie burgers with whatever toppings you feel like.

Classic Mole Poblano Sauce



Classic Mole Poblano Sauce recipe

Crab Broccoli Casserole

8 days ago

1.27 k

Crab Broccoli Casserole recipe

Creamy Curried Shrimp

5 days ago


A delicious dish. Made it for lunch yesterday, and we were surprised by how creamy and flavourful it came out.

Creamy Shrimp Curry

9 days ago


Make this creamy yet tasty shrimp curry for dinner, serve it with some steamed rice, top with yogurt, and/or some toasted cashew nuts, raisins, cilantros or scallions.

Curried Cashew Burgers

13 days ago


Veggie burgers with lentils, carrots, cashew with a hint of curry.

Curried Chicken Legs



Curry those chicken legs with this delicious recipe that uses lemon juice and plain yogurt.

Curried Pumpkin-Apple Soup



Curried Pumpkin-Apple Soup recipe

Curried Rice and Carrots

about 1 hour ago


We bumped up the amount of shallots to about 1/2 cup and used a spicy curry powder. We also added a 1/4 cup of parsley, minced, added just before serving. Turned out great.

Curry Rice Salad

2 days ago


Loved the idea of infusing curry, chili powder and cumin seeds in the oil, which made the curry oil so flavorful. The combination of apples, bell peppers, celeries, raisins, and...

Dal Makhnai



Dal makhani or maa di dal, as it is popularly known in the punjab, with its smooth velvety texture and lovely flavour is a delicacy that is very much a dish of the punjab. Every...

Easy Chicken Curry



This easy version of chicken curry tastes delicious, and it only takes you about 25 minutes from the start to the finish.

Eggplant, Red Pepper and Spinach Curry

15 days ago


No meat today, I guess I like this way.. Vegan if you replace ghee..

Five Spice Powder



A simple seasoning recipe that can add a kick to any of your meals.

Fresh Sorrel Mayonnaise

9 days ago


A wonderful sauce for fresh grilled salmon, halibut or sea bass.

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