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Herbs and Spice recipe collection



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An African spice mixture.

Best Chicken Curry

3 days ago


Curry your chicken with this scrumptious dish that will invite a delicious aroma into your home.

Borani Esfanaj (Spinach-Yogurt Salad or Dip)



Spinach yogurt dip with a touch of kick. Musky and sweet spices compliment the spinach and tangy yogurt.

Chaat Powder (Masala)



A sweet and sour Indian spice blend

Chicken And Green Onion Curry



A succulent chicken dish that is served with a delicious sauce everyone will love!

Chickpea Burgers



Packed with nutrients and the burger is also delicious. Serve these veggie burgers with whatever toppings you feel like.

Cilantro Pesto



This cilantro pesto was so yummy, now I know what to do when I need to use up the fresh cilantro and parsley. I spread it on toast, pizza, even on crackers. So good!

Crab Broccoli Casserole

4 days ago

1.22 k

Crab Broccoli Casserole recipe

Creamy Herbed Lemon Dipping Sauce

6 days ago


A creamy tangy herbed dipping sauces that makes a great dipping sauce for crab cakes. Works equally as well as a salmon cake dipping sauce or even as a dipping sauce for chicke...

Curried Chicken Legs



Curry those chicken legs with this delicious recipe that uses lemon juice and plain yogurt.

Curried Pumpkin-Apple Soup



Curried Pumpkin-Apple Soup recipe

Curried Rice and Carrots

14 days ago


We bumped up the amount of shallots to about 1/2 cup and used a spicy curry powder. We also added a 1/4 cup of parsley, minced, added just before serving. Turned out great.

Curry Chicken Casserole for Two

7 days ago


A modernize and healthified version of this quick and easy reduced fat casserole that has been sized for two servings.

Delicious Cream of Pumpkin Soup



Cream of Pumpkin Soup recipe

Favorite Curried Beef Stir-Fry



Favorite Curried Beef Stir-Fry recipe

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