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Garlic recipe collection

Baked Ling Cod with Lemon-Garlic Butter Sauce



Have you ever seen a ling cod? They are almost primeval looking - huge, gaping mouths with very sharp teeth. As with any fish, the most important factor for how good it tastes i...

Grilled Fish A La Marocaine

8 days ago


Surprise your date with this succulent dish that's extremely easy to prepare and enjoy!

Island Red Beans



Cilantro, chiles and garlic add rich flavor to these red kidney beans, they taste so great.

Orange-Garlic Pork Chops

3 days ago


Brighten up your pork chops with this succulent recipe that uses oranges and powdered ginger.

Parmesan Garlic Bread



When garlic meet cheese, when bread mixes with garlic and cheese, so great!

Agliata Per Pasta (Garlic and Walnut Sauce for Pasta)



Add some sophistication to your dinners with this scrumptious pasta dish you will love.

Aigo Bouido (Garlic Soup)



This isn't cream of garlic soup, but it has a creamy texture. As Julia says, "Because the garlic is boiled, its after-effects are at a minimum, and its flavor becomes exquisite,...




Traditional aioli is made only with olive oil and garlic via a mortar and pestle but you can use a food processor.

Aioli (Garlic Olive Oil)



If you omit the raw egg, you still get a nice sauce. According to an ancient proverb, "Garlic is as good as 10 mothers." If the latest flu bug has hit your house--and whose has ...

Aioli Platter



An antipasto platter.

Amazing Garlic Mousse



A light and scrumptious mousse that tastes great plain or with crackers and vegetables.

Angelo's Milanese



Artichokes Romas Style



If you never know how to cook artichokes,I suggest you try this way,after cooking,you will say:Oh,my god,is there really so nice artichokes exsiting in this world?hehe,after I f...

Arugula Salad with Walnut Croutons



This is an easy and tasty recipe, arugula with walnuts, mix very well, and a lot of vintamin!

Avocado and Mozarella Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes



Looks terrific and tastes unbelievable!

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