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Crab recipe collection

Chicken Breasts Neptune

about 16 hours ago

4.19 k

Crab stuffed chicken breast that is out of this world with a French style white wine cream sauce. This single skillet chicken breast dinner with sauce makes for easy cleanup and...

Avocado with Crab



Avocado crab salad served in avocado halfs. Makes an awesome presentation.

Crab (Imitation) Salad


1.06 k

This is similar to what you would get at a deli.

Crab Imperial



Warm crab meat salad that's fit for Imperial guests.

Crab n' Bacon Cheese Melt Sandwiches



Crab, bacon and cheese melts. A match made in heaven.

Crab n' Pink Grapefruit Salad



Sweet crab, tangy grapefruit on tender crisp on a bed of Boston lettuce drizzled with a perfectly balanced vinaigrette.

Cream Cheese Crab Rangoon



Wonton appetizers stuffed with crab, cream cheese and a touch of soy sauce.

Curried Corn and Crab Cakes



Tasty and good for you too. The mint, cilantro, crab and corn go very well together.

Dover Sole Fillets Stuffed with Crab

1 day ago


Delicately flavored crab stuffed between fillets of buttery and flaky Dover sole. It's a match made in heaven and the ingredients perfectly compliment each other. Best of all ...

Hungry Girl Crab Cakes



Serving Size: 1 (very large!) crab cake Calories: 117 Fat: 2g Sodium: 799mg Carbs: 11.5g Fiber: 2.25g Sugars: 2.5g Protein: 14g

Inn Flight Restaurant's Crab Supreme



Lucious crab with a hint of spice piled high on a croissant topped with melted swiss cheese.

Mud Crab and Smoked Sweet Potato Gnocchi



Mud Crab seasoned Alpine Pepper and served with smoked sweet potato gnocchi

Seafood Lasagna



Try something new in the kitchen with this succulent dish that will have everyone asking for a second helping.

Crab Casserole Florentine



Crab Casserole Florentine recipe

Crabmeat Au Gratin

12 days ago


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