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Barbeque recipe collection

Simple Barbecue Tuna Wrap

about 9 hours ago


It sounds weird, but it's really good! Not too unhealthy either. This only takes about 6 minutes to make. Great for a quick lunch for one!

Super Salmon Burgers



Super Salmon Burgers recipe

Sweet Broccoli Salad



Your kids don't eat enough veggies. Or they just hate brocoli. Or maybe they love broccoli either way you will want to make this salad. Everyone will love it. Great for BBQ, pic...

Sweet Potato, Lentil and Green Bean Packets



Sweet potato, lentil and green beans are cooked IN a curry, garlic and ginger flavoured vegetable broth in foil packets, so flavourful. Enjoy these small and tasty packets.

Tandoori Spiced Chicken Breast with Grilled Tomato Jam and Herbed Yogurt Sauce



Absolutely worth the effort of preparation. The chicken tasted so delicious and packed with flavor. No need to order take-out from now on. This homemade tandoori chicken is as y...

Tandoori Tofu

2 days ago


Such a delicious way to cook tofu. Packed with flavor, the tangy yogurt sauce adds extra creaminess. Perfect for your vegetarian family members or friends when summer BBQ party...

Turkey Burgers



We wanted a quick and easy recipe--and this was it. Just as good as any other turkey burger recipe we've tried. I made just 4 big patties, so cooked a few minutes longer than th...

Asian Chicken Peanut Sausage

12 days ago


A fantastic non-pork sausage packed with Asian flair.

Barbecued Flank Steak Sandwiches



So delicious.

Cajun Pork Burgers

9 days ago


Cajun Pork Burgers recipe


2 days ago


A low-carb easy bun-less burger that's quick and easy, topped with a tasty sauce.

Quinoa-Black Bean Burgers

2 days ago


A nice alternative to meat burgers, these are packed with veggies and are a good source of protein. Suitable for pan frying or grilling.

Bbq Cheeseburgers



Quick and easy to make, and these burgers taste delicious. Enjoy the juicy bites with some homemade fries or coleslaw aside.

Bistro Cheeseburger



Bistro Cheeseburger recipe

Grilled Garlic Shrimp



Super easy marinated shrimp, skewered then grilled to perfection. Great as a warm weather main dish or as an appetizer/hors d'oevres.

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