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Wheat berries

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26 recipes

Arugula, Chickpea and Wheat Berry Salad

2 days ago


Wheat berries, chickpeas, roasted bell peppers, and arugula are tossed with a refreshing and flavorful dressing. It fills you up with lots of goodness and yumminess.

Berrie Good Waffles (Whole Wheat Waffles)



Berrie Good Waffles (Whole Wheat Waffles) recipe

Multi-Grain Hot Cereal for Crockpot

about 14 hours ago


Super easy and super healthy multi-grain Hot Cereal (Slow-Cooker) recipe. Loads of complex carbs to keep give you energy all morning.

Cauliflower and Potato Curry



Slow cooker cauliflower and potato curry with wheatberries. Ideal for your Crockpot.

Israeli Wheat Berry Stew



Try this delicious rendition of stew that's made with great northern beans, wheat berries and a bit of cumin and turmeric.

Moroccan Lentil Soup

21 days ago