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Cranberries, dried

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Chocolate Christmas stars with nuts and cranberries

18 days ago


I always do them, not only at Chrsitmas, sometimes I change some kinds of nuts, or use blueberries or strawberries, all go well!

Cranberry Apple Bread



Cranberry, apple and pecan bread, a delicious choice of breakfast, or a nutrient balanced snack in the middle of the day.

Cranberry Chocolate Caramel Bars



For the best taste, use good-quality caramels in this rich, gooey bar that keeps best refrigerated. It's from Jan Christofferson of Eagle River.

Cranberry Hazelnut Bread

18 days ago


Cranberry-Cashew Jumbles

18 days ago


Mary Wilhelm of Sparta sent her signature cookie, which she said she has prepared for the Food Network, Warrens Cranfest and Taste of Home magazine. Two classic flavor pairings ...

Crockpot Applesauce with Cranberries (Vegan)



Try a delicious, but different kind of applesauce that is made with cranberry juice and lemon juice which gives it a nice zing.

Gold-Dusted White Chocolate Popcorn



A fantasitc recipe, I made this recipe for my kids, and my husband he loves it too.

Grandpa's White Christmas Cookies



This old-fashioned cookie from Gretchen D'Antico of Merton has a nice flavor and is even better dipped in white chocolate.

Homemade Apple Crisp

18 days ago


This recipe comes from Julie Casey, the pastry chef of Tre Vigne Restaurant in basking Ridge, NJ.

No Bake Energy Bars



These no-bake energy bars are delicious yet nutritious. They are easy to make, and handy to pick up.