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1,054 barbecue recipes


Grilled Portobello Salad with Goat Cheese



If you're just looking for a salad for dinner, then this scrumptious dish is here to satisfy your every need!

Grilled Tuna Steak with Lemon-Caper Butter



Add some fish to your summer diet with this savory dish that will have you and your family licking your lips.

Nancy's Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Or Pork



Start your summer off with a bang by trying this succulent dish that is sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

Anniversary Burgers



Anniversary Burgers recipe

Peter's Burgers



Classic burger for the grill with a slight twist. Instead of bread crumbs as filler this burger recipe uses rolled oats along with a bit of teriyaki sauce for a boost of extra ...

Teriyaki Marinade and BBQ Sauce



I used fresh minced garlic and added some sliced green onion. I marinated skinless chicken breast cutlets for a few hours and grilled them briefly. Sprinkled with additiona slic...

Turkey Burgers



We wanted a quick and easy recipe--and this was it. Just as good as any other turkey burger recipe we've tried. I made just 4 big patties, so cooked a few minutes longer than th...

4th of July Grilled Fresh Corn



Fresh grilled corn with a slight kick.

Healthy Hamburger with Savory Feta Sauce and Cucumber



Creamy feta sauce adds zip, and cucumbers adds a pleasant crunch to a juicy hamburger.

Barbecue Hamburgers



Barbecue Hamburgers recipe

Barbecued Flank Steak Sandwiches



So delicious.

Sweet Potato, Lentil and Green Bean Packets



Sweet potato, lentil and green beans are cooked IN a curry, garlic and ginger flavoured vegetable broth in foil packets, so flavourful. Enjoy these small and tasty packets.

Sweet Broccoli Salad



Your kids don't eat enough veggies. Or they just hate brocoli. Or maybe they love broccoli either way you will want to make this salad. Everyone will love it. Great for BBQ, pic...

Asian Chicken Peanut Sausage



A fantastic non-pork sausage packed with Asian flair.

Asian Turkey Burgers



Asian Turkey Burgers recipe

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Barbecue Tips

Where's the Beef?

Comprehending all the different cuts of beef can be a little confusing. For example, did you know that a strip steak, New York strip, Kansas City steak, club steak, shell steak, and top loin steak all come from the same part?

Fire Up the Grill!

Nothing epitomizes summer cooking more than grilling. However, grilling can be very confusing. The more recipes, cookbooks, and

Barbecue Or Bust!

Summer is upon us and with summer comes the barbecue. Barbecue has many different meanings all around the world, but

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