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What is polenta? About the ingredient polenta. Including 31 recipes with polenta, and where to find it.


Polenta  is a dish made from boiled cornmeal. The word "polenta" is borrowed from Italian.

Polenta is made with ground yellow or white ** cornmeal** (ground maize) originally made with Chestnut meal in ancient times. It can be ground coarsely or finely depending on the region and the texture desired. 

Cooked polenta can also be shaped into balls, patties, or sticks and fried in oil until it is golden brown and crispy; this variety of polenta is called crostini di polenta or polenta fritta. This type of polenta became particularly popular in Southern Brazil as a consequence of Northern Italian immigration. Similarly, once formed into a shape it can also be grilled using, for example, a brustolina grill.

Where found

Polenta is usually found in the baking supplies section or aisle of the grocery store or supermarket.

In Chinese:玉米粥
British (UK) term: Polenta
en français:polenta
en español:polenta

Recipes using polenta

There are 30 recipes that contain this ingredient.

Osso Buco Chicken Thighs
Polenta with Pumpkin and Kale

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