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Adzuki beans

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What are adzuki beans?

Dried Bean Purchasing Guide

Dried beans should be clean, uniform in size and quality. Today dried beans are usually sold pre-packaged and a reliable brand will guarentee clean, uniformly sized beans.

1 pound, raw = approximately 2 1/3 cups

1 pound, cooked = approximately 6 cups


After opening the package place the unused beans in a clean, tightly covered container and store on the pantry shelf.

Kitchen shelf: 1 year

Refrigerator shelf, cooked, covered: 3 to 4 days

Refrigerator freezer, cooked beans and cooked bean dishes, prepare for freezing: 1 month

Deep Freezer, cooked beans and cooked bean dishes, prepared for freezing: 4 to 6 months

Basic Preparation

Packaged beans are usually sorted and washed before packaging, so need only be rinsed.

Bean bought in bulk should be sorted carefully, discarding broken and defective beans, and washed until the water runs clear.

It's a good idea to soak the beans to replace some of the water lost during the drying process.

In general, if directions are not given on the package, use the amount of water called for in the recipe; save the nutritious soaking water to use in cooking the beans.

There are two ways of soaking dried beans:

  1. Quick method: Measure the soaking water into a large, heavy pot. Add the washed beans and bring to the boil. Cover the pot and cook for 2 minutes; remove from heat and let stand for one hour, then cook according to recipe directions.

  2. Overnight method: Measure the soaking water into a large pot; add washed beans; cover pot, and let stand for 6 to 8 hours. To prevent souring and hard skins the two minute boil above is recommended even when the beans are soaked overnight.

Add one teaspoon of salt per cup of soaked beans. If ham, bacon or salt pork is to be added use a smaller amount of salt.

Always try to cook in the soaking water. Cover the pot and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer according to the recipe.

Stir carefully but not too often to avoid breaking apart the beans. When done they should hold their shape as well as be tender. Cooking time can range from 20 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the type of bean and how long they have been stored.

In Chinese:赤豆
British (UK) term:
en français:azuki
en español:azuki

Recipes using adzuki beans

There are 12 recipes that contain this ingredient.

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What to do when your brother gives you a courgette but you only like potatos.

Aduki and Squash Soup

Aduki & Squash Soup

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Aduki and Squash Soup recipe


Squash & Adzuki Beans

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This recipe reminds me a Japanese style soup because of kombu (kelp or seaweed). It's a nice change from my normal chicken broth and cream based squash soup. This one has a much cleaner taste, and really highlights the flavor of each ingredient.


Adzuki Bean Stew

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A spicy and delicious stew made with adzuki beans, carrots, mushrooms and a dash of cayenne pepper.

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