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What to do when your brother gives you a courgette.

Serve with a salad :) Add the mashed potato and mix it all in. What to do when your brother gives you a courgette. Chop the leeks into long strips (left), then smaller bits (right) Add the Adzuki beans to the cooked leek and courgette What to do when your brother gives you a courgette.

What to do when your brother gives you a courgette but you only like potatos.













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1 whole potatoes
Diced 8mm
1 inch leeks
Sliced longways then into 3/4inch strips
1 whole zucchini
Diced 1cm
225 grams adzuki beans
1 tin
1 x olive oil
One generous helping


Dice the (unpeeled) potato small and put it in a saucepan of boiling water, then turn the heat down and let it simmer. The smaller you chop it, the quicker it'll cook. We'll be mashing it at the end.

While that's simmering chop slice the leek longways, and then chop the strips into roughtly ¾ of an inch pieces so you end up with lots of little strips.

Throw some margarine into your wok over a medium flame and let it get hot, then put the leeks in.

Dice the Courgette's and add them a minute or two after the leeks. Keep stirring/tossing the contents of the wok so it cooks evenly.

Once the potatos are done strain them in a sieve then put them back in the pan (or another bowl) and add a generous helping of olive oil and mash them - either with something electric, a hand potato mash or (as I do) an old fashioned mechanical whisk.

Once the courgettes are nearly done open your tin of Adzuki beans and rinse them (they come out with slimey bean-stuff on them). Add them to the wok and mix them in, you don't need to cook them - just warm them up.

Once the beans are warm add the mashed potato and mix it all together. It'll probably go slightly purple from the beans.

Enjoy :) I think this will be just as nice chilled as fresh and hot.


* not incl. in nutrient facts

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