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130 ricotta recipes

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Pasta with Ricotta And Parsley



A simple but delicious pasta dish that is perfect to make after a long, hard day at work.

Almond Ricotta Custard



I won a microwave oven with this recipe

Roe's Ricotta Pie



It is a delicious ricotta pie recipe that works in any occasion.

Low-Cal Ricotta Cheesecake



Delicious and low-cal cheesecake.

Ricotta Cheese Pie with Pine Nut Crust



Unlike New York style cheesecake, this cheese pie is much lighter and much lower fat; but it is still creamy, smooth and tasty, sour cream gives the extra zing, and the lemon ze...

Sweet Onion And Ricotta Cheesecake With Cranberries And Sage



Sweet onion and ricotta cheesecake with cranberries and sage!

Moist Ricotta and Honey Bread



By adding ricotta cheese into the dough makes the bread very moist, also it adds the delicious creamy taste to bread.

Strawberry Ricotta Tart with Lemon Zest



Not too sweet, very smooth and creamy, but not super rich; strawberries and apricot jam bring lots of fresh and fruity flavor, the phyllo pastry comes out golden brown and crisp...

Spinach, Ricotta, Herbs and Pine Nuts Stuffed Challah



This challah is not just bread, but also stuffed with spinach, ricotta, herbs and pine nuts, which gives the challah amazingly delicious filling and flavor.

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