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129 plum recipes

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Pflaumenkuchen (Plum Cake)

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29 days ago

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Pflaumenkuchen (Plum Cake) recipe

Awesome Holiday Plum Pudding

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Awesome Holiday Plum Pudding recipe

Phyllo Plum Tart

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1 day ago

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Sweet, sour, refreshing and tasty. This is a great dessert that's easy to put together and comes out delicious. Light enough, so you don't have to worry about putting on too man...

Popovers with Plum Jam

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29 days ago

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Popover Muffins

Decadent Plum Clafoutis

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Fresh and seasonal plums, creamy and rich custard are baked together to make this irresistibly decadent plum clafoutis.

Easy Plum and Hazelnut Cupcakes

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Fresh-juicy plums add an extra yumminess to these moist and nutty cupcakes. Pack one or two into your or your kids's lunch-box. Yum!

Veggie and Plum Flatbread

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Onions, bell peppers and plums are arranged over the bread dough or pizza dough that's brushed with garlic olive oil. It's a cheese free flatbread but still so yummy.

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