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44 mincemeat recipes

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Favourite Mincemeat Cookies



If you love pastries, you will adore this scrumptious snack that will have you reaching for more.

Borden's None Such Mincemeat Cookies



My mother and I made these cookies when I was little, many years ago, using the box of dry mincemeat. I have looked for years for the recipe, they are the best cookies ever!!!

Authentic Mincemeat



Authentic mincemeat from my Grandmother's recipe. Yields about 4 quarts/litres, enough to make about 4 mincemeat pies.

Best Mincemeat



Best Mincemeat recipe

Delicious Green Tomato Mincemeat



Green Tomato Mincemeat recipe

Apple and Green Tomato Mincemeat



Apple and Green Tomato Mincemeat recipe.

Mini Mincemeat Tarts




Christmas Mincemeat or Jam Turnovers



These buttery and yummy turnovers will for sure turn you over. It's not easy to stop popping these tasty treats into your mouth, they are additively delicious.

Basic Homemade Mincemeat



Quick, easy and delicious recipe for you to make your own mincemeat that can be used for cookies, pies and other desserts!

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