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Easter Lamb Face Cupcakes
Easter Lamb Face Cupcakes

These lamb face cupcakes are too cute, and also they are so easy to make, the tender cupcakes are coated with the vanilla frosting and marshmallows, great cupcakes for your Easter!

Barbecued Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Mint

Designed for the grill, this leg of lamb is butterflied and marinated in balsamic and mint for easy grilling. Perfect for a summer cook-out or Easter dinner.

Lamb Curry with Cardamom Cashew Rice

A simple, fragrant, very mild curry recipe.

Lamb, Raisin & White Bean Polov (Pilaf)

In other parts of Central Asia this dish is made with red beans and I have it made with beef, horse, camel, chicken, and venison for the meat instead of the lamb. It is excellent anyway it comes.

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