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82 risotto recipes


Saffron Risotto



Creamy, delicious Italian rice. Simply flavoured labour of love.

Awesome Saffron Risotto



Awesome Saffron Risotto recipe

Awesome Risotto with Peas



Awesome Risotto with Peas recipe

Barley "Risotto" with Asparagus and Shiitakes



Make sure to use the convenient quick-cooking barley, that will save a lot of time. And very nice flavor too.

Barley Risotto with Fennel



For cooking this risotto, we use slow cooker, so even no stir, the risotto is cooked wonderfully, and you can choose barly or brown rice, add more fibre.

Barley Risotto and Greens with Roasted Squash, Celery and Carrots



A hearty healthy barley risotto is cooked with winter vegetables and fresh greens, definitely will bring some refreshing taste into your Thanksgiving dinner and a good appetizer...

Quick Asian Risotto



Using cooked short-grain brown rice makes this super quick and tasty Asian risotto, it can be an appetizer or a simply delicious meal!

Risotto with Chicken Livers, Citrus Zest and Duck Breast



Mouth watering citrus chicken liver risotto.

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