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8,486 red onion recipes


30 Minute Chili



If you're in a hurry, then try this simple recipe that creates a savory chili that will satisfy your hunger in no time!

$25,000 Chili



$25,000 Chili recipe

Grandma's Great Gazpacho



Grandma's Great Gazpacho recipe

Basic Yummy Gazpacho



Basic Gazpacho recipe

Best Rosemary-Olive Focaccia



Best Rosemary-Olive Focaccia recipe

Roasted Vegetables



These are very healthy vegetables, whenever it is a nice recipe, worth to keep.

Mama Delilah's Pasta Primavera



Hearty and zesty, this is my favorite pasta to make. It's a little bit of work, but comes out as stunning visually as it tastes. Definitely worth the effort. Enjoy!!!

4th of July Grilled Portobello Burgers



Succulent grilled portobello mushroom has the meaty texture, which is ideal for burger. It's also marinated in a garlicky-herby-lemony marinade to build up more flavour.

Homemade Party Snack



This is a great recipe for your next party. They’re shaped like a nurse’s cap! Try this recipe.

10 Minute Western Omelette (improved)



A classic revisited, using sweet red pepper instead of green and adding parsley brighten the result and some other tweaks to keep it light, fresh and healthy.

Sour Cabbage Salad



This salad fits to pierogi with the meat filling. You may also try it with fried or grilled fish.

Greek Pasta Salad



A quick, easy and tasty greek style salad that can be made with or without the pasta!

Chavos Taco Seasoning



This is my favorite recipe for tacos with a mixture of New Mexican Cuisine as well as other ethnic recipes.

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