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114 polish recipes


Bavarian Dinner



Simple slow cooker recipe with authentic flavor, classic German ingredients. Perfect for Octoberfest.

Polish Stew



A simple and delicious stew made with polish sausage, mushrooms and sauerkraut.

Crockpot Polish Sausage And Cabbage



A simple and delicious dish for your crockpot that you can let simmer all day to bring out the flavors.

Crockpot Sausage and Cabbage



A simple, but tantalizing crockpot dish that will have you licking your lips when you're just watching it cook!

Baked Kielbasa and Potatoes in Sauce



Add a bit of Polish cooking to your dinners with this scrumptious dish made with potatoes and succulent kielbasa sausage.

All-American Egg Rolls



Enjoy the All-American taste of these scrumptious egg rolls that make an amazing appetizer.

Polish Cabbage Bake



Polish cabbage and beef. An easy casserole belly filling love affair.

Kielbasa Rice Skillet Dinner



Kielbasa Rice Skillet Dinner recipe

Fresh Corn and Polish Sausage Chowder



An easy and tasty chowder is made with corn, potatoes and kielbasa. Some steamed rice or a few slices of good bread will help to soak up all the yumminess. A perfect week-night...

Leek, Potato and Kielbasa Soup



Excellent soup. I didn't stir in the cream because the taste was so good without it. Amazing extra flavor of fennel seeds. Thanks.

International Sausage Skillet



A simple yet hearty easy one pot meal with only 4 ingredients.

Kielbasa and Cabbage



An easy, inexpensive yet tasty one pot hearty meal that uses polish sausage, cabbage, apples seasoned with fennel seeds. Could easily be adapted for a slow cooker or crockpot.

Holiday Polish White Bread



My wife has an excellent recipe for White Bread brought to this country from her grandmother who was originally from Poland. Makes 5 loaves. Typically, this style of bread would...

Drunken Kielbasa



A game-day favorite for me and my family. Savory, sweet, and filling.

Spring Beet soup (Polish Botwina)



There are hundreds versions of this very Polish soup. Here you have an original proposition of mine. I used to cook it on the base of my favorite duck and chicken stock. The cre...

Horseradish Soup



This very old soup is traditionally cooked on Easter. The flavors of my rendition are mild, however if you like horseradish and more spicy flavor, try to add 2 times more grams ...

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