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Meat recipe collection

Easy Chicken Curry



This easy version of chicken curry tastes delicious, and it only takes you about 25 minutes from the start to the finish.

2 Meals in One: Crock-Pot Chalupa/Refried Beans



Hearty winter meal that warms you to your toes! Any leftovers can be used next day for lunch or a side dish for dinner.

5 Alarm Chili

17 days ago


Some like it REAL hot!

5 Star Prime Rib Roast



"Prime rib is one of the most delectable dinners there is. We order it in our favorite upscale restaurant on special occasions, but few consider they have the skill to make it a...

A Better Crockpot Meatloaf

27 days ago


Meatloaf for the slow cooker, beef and turkey with oats and veggies for some better flavors.

A Very Tasty Chili



A Very Tasty Chili Recipe recipe

A Working Woman's Chili



A Working Woman's Chili recipe

Aaron's Hillbilly Chili

9 days ago


Aaron's Hillbilly Chili recipe

Abilene Texas Chili



Abilene Texas Chili recipe

Absolute Best Chinese Sticky Ribs

6 days ago


These ribs were the most delicious Chinese ribs ever. So much more meaty, juicy and tender than Chinese take-out. Give it a go, and you will be pleased.

Alamo Chili



A simple but savory chili made with succulent stewing beef, pinto beans and jalapeno peppers.

Algerian Chicken with Beans & Sausage

29 days ago


Perfect for feeding a crowd and easily scaled to feed a larger crowd. No spices to disagree with anyone, just solid belly warming filling goodness.

All American Pot Roast



A simple classic American style pot roast. Cooks slowly creating a complete one pot meal.

Almost Indian Chicken



An easy no-fuss curry chicken but without the fat of a traditional curry chicken. Pop this in the slow cooker or crockpot and serve with some rice.

Amarillo Chili



Amarillo Chili recipe

Amazing Baked German Pork Chops

1 day ago


Serve these succulent baked German pork chops over a bed of rice or with some good bread to soak up all the yumminess.

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