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Kangaroo recipes collection

Kangaroo Striploin Tartlet with Sweet Potato and Bush Tomato Jus

Kangaroo Striploin Tartlet with Sweet Potato and Bush Tomato Jus


Kangaroo striploin tartlet served with sweet potato (or kumara) and Australian Bush Tomato jus.



Kangaroo Escalopes with Spinach And Anchovy Butter


Try this scrumptious favorite that is considered a delicacy in the Outback.

8 days ago



Dinkum Chili


13 minutes ago



Kangaroo Pepper Steak


Kangaroo meat is very low-fat, it is healthy, if you want to try some kangaroo recipe, this one is worthy.

40 minutes ago



Kangaroo Rump with Ricotta Filled Pine Mushrooms and Rocket


Kangaroo Rump marinated in Aniseed Myrtle and Alpine Pepper served with mushrooms filled with ricotta and spinach.

14 minutes ago


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