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Meatless Monday: Mario Batali Lends His Support to the Meatless Monday Movement

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali has officially embraced the Meatless Monday movement, whose goal is to encourage Americans to eat 15% less meat for a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment.

Ecorazzi quotes Batali to say, “Most people in the U.S. eat way more meat than is good for them or the planet.” 

While Batali realizes that most Americans will never adopt a completely vegetarian diet, he believes that they can be encouraged to shift the basis of their diet from animals to plants. 

He also feels that this movement will lend support to farmers who raise their crops and animals using humane and sustainable practices.

So what is Batali doing to encourage the Meatless Monday movement? Every Monday, each of his restaurants will feature at least two vegetarian entrees.

 Ecorazzi quotes Sid Lerner, Meatless Monday’s founder, to say, “If anybody can entice meat lovers to enjoy their veggies as well, its Batali!”