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Corn recipe collection

Amigos Chili



Amigos Chili recipe

Arizona Skillet Dinner

2 days ago


This recipe is easy to scale down. A filling, tasty yet wholesome one pot meal that's perfect for busy week days.

Avocado and Corn Salsa



It is very healthy, tastes very nice.

Barley Buttermilk Corn Bread

9 days ago

1.53 k

Old fashioned classic with a twist, a little barley boosts the fiber along with corn kernels makes it more filling. Fills the kitchen with a lovely smell whilst baking.

Black Bean Chilaquile



This turned out quite nicely, great mix of textures and flavors. If you use store bought salsa and store bought tortilla chips you will want to watch the salt levels.

Capelli D'Angelo with Thai Chicken



Tender chicken breast with a honey-peanut ginger glaze, served with noodles. Clean and refreshing Thai-style flavor.

Cheap Easy Chili



Cheap Chili recipe

Cheesy Basil Corn Bread



This moist and flavorful corn bread is packed with delicious yet nutritious ingredients, such as browned onions, roasted corn, basil, roasted bell pepper, cheese... You can serv...

Chili N'Awlins



Chili N'Awlins recipe

Chilled Couscous Vegetable Salad



A scrumptious salad that's made with couscous, romaine lettuce, corn kernels and baby green peas.

Classic Mole Poblano Sauce



Classic Mole Poblano Sauce recipe

Comfy Corn and Potato Chowder



Comfy Corn and Potato Chowder recipe

Corn and Kidney Bean Salad

12 days ago


A very light, refreshing yet tasty salad, it's also very easy to make. It can be served right away or let marinate in the frige for overnight, it tastes even better next day.

Corn Souffle

12 days ago


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