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Canadian recipe collection

Canadian Meat Pie



It is a very nice meat pie, easy to make, and just half an hour, you can taste a good meat pie.

Cognac Nanaimo Bars



Pure indulgence to enjoy these rich bars.

Favourite Canadian Cheese Soup



Favourite Canadian Cheese Soup recipe

Jellied Moose Nose



If you're friends love the taste of moose meat, then they will adore this succulent dish that is cooked to perfection.

Maple Cranberry Buttercup Squash



This showy make-ahead buttercup squash recipe is impressively divine. Maple-infused cranberries top maple butter-flavored squash baked-on apple slices.

Matrimonial Cake



These cake-like bars are great for breakfast or snack. For the filling, you can use whatever your favorite dried fruits to substitute the dates.

Nainaimo Bars



This is a traditional Canadian sweet, much loved and admired. The origin of the recipe seems to be lost in the mists of time, though everyone seems to agree that it comes from ...

Nanaimo Bars



No-bake, 3-layer, chocolate covered bars. Nanaimo bars are a traditional Canadian dessert, though nobody is certain where the tradition came from.

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