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Top 20 Canadian recipes

French Canadian Pea Soup

3 days ago

11.2 k

This authentic French Canadian recipe is a classic belly warmer and perfect for a cold day. Split-pea soup with a ham bone, ham hock or salt pork. Make it a vegetarian split-p...

Jam Jam Cookies

4 days ago

4.27 k

Jam filled cookies, traditionally from Eastern Canada but popular around the world. Some know this as a Christmas cookie but it's good any time of year.

Peameal Bacon - Canadian Pickled Pork Bacon - Back bacon

4 days ago

3.79 k

This is an easy to make version of real homemade Canadian Bacon. Also known as peameal bacon in Canada. Works wonderfully for peameal on a bun.

Sunday Morning Wife Saver For Two

1 day ago

1.31 k

Make-ahead breakfast casserole that's perfect for Sunday brunch or breakfast. Most breakfast casseroles are huge amounts, this one has been scaled to make just two hearty servin...

Barbecued Pig's Tails



This recipe to the Mennonite colony of Ontario. It's often served at picnics and is known as one of the favorite foods at stag parties.

Cape Breton 'Pork Pies'

22 天 ago


Scrumptious little sweet tarts that are simply filled with a bit of brown sugar and dates. No "pork" involved, just old-fashioned Acadian simple goodness.

Canadian Maple Roast Turkey & Gravy

10 days ago


Mapleleaf roast turkey... it's a big yum fest with this Thanksgiving turkey. The crispy browned skin is like Canadian Peking duck. Roasted and glazed with a reduction of maple s...

Matrimonial Cake



These cake-like bars are great for breakfast or snack. For the filling, you can use whatever your favorite dried fruits to substitute the dates.

Nova Scotia Blueberry Cream Cake



A friend gave me this recipe, it's a layer cake, cake + blueberry + sour cream. This dessert is a huge hit every time I make it.

Cognac Nanaimo Bars



Pure indulgence to enjoy these rich bars.

Nova Scotia Gingerbread



Gingerbread that's more like a moist cake from Eastern Canada.

Maple Cranberry Buttercup Squash



This showy make-ahead buttercup squash recipe is impressively divine. Maple-infused cranberries top maple butter-flavored squash baked-on apple slices.

Canadiens Maple Leafs Crackers (Canada Day)

27 days ago


Maple leaf crackers that a perfect for Canada Day. These small maple leaves are so flavorful. They are so easy to be addicted especially have them with some Canadian cheddar or ...

Baked Blueberry Cream Pie



A crunchy oatmeal crust blueberry cream pie.

Prince of Wales Cake

30 days ago


Lemon Blueberry Loaf



Tangy lemon loaf with blueberries goes great with a cup of coffee! :)

Canadian Flag Cheesecake (Canada Day)

about 3 hours ago


Make this creamy, smooth and delicious Canadian flag cheesecake for the celebration of Canada Day.

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