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Barbecue recipe collection

Cold German-Style Potato Salad

11 days ago


While this cold salad has some elements of a traditional warm German potato salad, it is totally Americanized to suit my family's tastes. Great with grilled burgers, dogs, meat...




Dale-Burgers recipe

Double Decker Hamburger



Double Decker Hamburger recipe

Garden-Fresh Turkey Burgers



Garden-Fresh Turkey Burgers recipe

Garlic Curry Burgers



Garlic Curry Burgers recipe

Grilled Chorizo Pizza



Grilled pizza is absolutely flavorful, grilling develops the smokey flavor, and crispy texture on both toppings and crust. This pizza is spread with tomato sauce, topped with Ch...

Grilled Garlic Shrimp



Super easy marinated shrimp, skewered then grilled to perfection. Great as a warm weather main dish or as an appetizer/hors d'oevres.

Grilled Tarragon Chicken with Mustard Sauce



This recipe impressed me, turned out delicious! The chicken breasts were just perfectly cooked and very succulent, the mustard sauce added the extra yumminess. Will be making ...

Hamburgers on the Halfshell



Hamburgers on the Halfshell recipe

Hawaiian Pork Chops

about 10 hours ago


Meaty loin chops cooked in a tropical barbecue sauce, sweetened with pineapple. A taste of the islands.

Hot N' Spicy Beef Burgers

3 days ago


Hot N' Spicy Beef Burgers recipe

Lamb Cheeseburgers



Lamb Cheeseburgers recipe

Memphis Chopped Coleslaw

23 days ago


A sweeter Memphis slaw featuring bold southern flavors so it can stand up to full flavor barbecue classics such as pulled pork or Memphis ribs.

Pork Souvlaki



These kabobs are served with a greek pasta salad. Filling and delicious.

Rosemary Lemon Grilled Chicken Recipe



A sensational treat for your taste buds as well as tummy, the Rosemary & Lemon Grilled Chicken is a no-fuss recipe that can be had anytime of the day. Packed with flavours, it i...

Sesame-Ginger Grilled Marinated Flank Steak



The steak was marinated overnight with the wet paste, which not only added tons of flavour to the steak, but also softened up the meat. It didn't take long to grill it. Then we ...

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