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1,450 casserole recipes


Favorite Tuna Noodle Casserole



A hearty and scrumptious tuna casserole made with green peas and cream of mushroom soup.

Curry Chicken Casserole

13 days ago


A scrumptious chicken casserole made with broccoli florets, cheddar cheese and of course, curry!

He-Man's Tuna Noodle Casserole



Fight evil and help those who are hungry with this scrumptious casserole that is sure to produce a happy ending.

Delicious Barley Mushroom Casserole

11 days ago


A few simple ingredients make this barley casserole delicious and flavorful. An ideal weekday dinner on a cold winter evening.

Millet Casserole



Clean and healthy millet casserole.

Chorizo Noodle Casserole

16 days ago


Yummy!!! Nice and easy recipe that turns out very delicious.

Low Fat Potato and Leek Casserole

16 days ago


Simple and perfectly matched flavors that let the potato shine through brightly.

Creamy Potato Carrot Casserole

14 days ago


I forgot to add the yoghurt and it was still superb. I used sun dried tomato instead of bacon for a vegetarian option. Definitely to be repeated!

Deep-Dish Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

13 days ago


Very good and light. By using phyllo (filo) pastry instead of the traditional goopy pastry this recipe cuts down on the fat and yields more turkey flavor.

Garbanzo Shepherd's Pie

13 days ago


Vegetarian Shepherd's pie is just as good as regular one, and the refreshing taste from vegetables let you feel so comfortable after enjoying the meal.

Irish Shepherd's Pie

13 days ago


Irish Shepherd's Pie recipe

Double Corn Tortilla Cassarole

19 days ago


Chile Relleno Mini Casseroles

20 days ago


You can bake these small casseroles in individual baking dishes or even a muffin pan, or you can use regular casserole and extend the cooking time. A great breakfast.

Classic Green Bean Casserole-Low Fat and Low Calorie

16 days ago


This version of the classic green bean casserole lightens the load without sacrificing the flavor or creaminess. Making your own french fried onions adds loads of crispy fried o...

Improved Broccoli, Cheese and Rice Casserole For Two

16 days ago


An easy and flavorful weeknight meal is all in one dish.

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