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These 5 things may be draining your energy

Having enough energy is a problem for many people. For some, just getting through everything that needs to be done in a day is a huge burden.

Here are a few very common issues that can lead to an energy drain—and what you can do to improve the situation, and enjoy life more in the process! These five things may be draining your energy.

1. Too much focus on carbs, not enough protein

Many people have been trained to fear carbs, and steer clear of potatoes, pastas, breads and grains. But, in the process, they also may be avoiding taking in enough protein, focusing instead on only fruits and veggies. Sure, you need plenty of fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet, but the key is balance. Getting a proper amount of lean proteins—and carbs—is required for you to balance your energy properly. Try a protein shake for breakfast and see how much fuller you feel, and how much more energy you have throughout the day! If you prefer, have some scrambled egg whites and turkey sausage for that morning protein burst.

2. Skipping meals

Hopefully by now you know this is a huge no-no when it comes to controlling your energy levels and your weight, too. Even on the busiest days, you need to find time to eat a healthy breakfast and get the right nutrition throughout the day. When you skip meals, your blood sugar level will drop dramatically. When this happens you will find that your energy really hits a huge slump. Make sure you get three healthy meals and a couple of healthy snacks each day to stay regulated.

3. No allergies does not mean that all foods are okay

Some people have a reaction to certain foods, even when they do not have an actual allergy. This is especially common with gluten. Food sensitivities are far more common than food allergies, and symptoms may range from bloating or gas to acne, joint pain, weight gain and low energy. The symptoms may build over time, and be difficult to investigate. Ultimately, your energy will be sapped. If you find that you are chronically lacking in energy and you eat a healthy diet and get plenty of physical activity, you may want to consider looking into food sensitivities. Dairy and gluten are the most common, and good places to start if you are thinking you may have food sensitivities.

4. Sugar is not only a problem when you are trying to lose weight

Sugar has plenty of empty calories, but that’s not the whole story. Sugar is found in so many sources, and this means that most people are consuming far more of the white stuff than they even dreamed of. Too much sugar in the diet can lead to a number of problems, including diabetes, but it also causes other symptoms like energy peaks and drains and food cravings. Make sure that you are carefully reading labels and keeping your sugar intake as low as possible to keep your energy levels up. Choose fresh fruits, nuts and other wholesome snacks instead of cookies, candies or cakes, and you will find that your energy stays at a higher level, and more consistent throughout the day.

5. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water can help energize you. Your body requires plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep all of your systems running smoothly. When you feel your energy draining, drink a large glass of water, and you might start to feel better shortly!

When you pay attention to what you put into your body you will find that you have better energy throughout the day, and that you can enjoy the things that you are experiencing, rather than feeling burdened by them.