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Awesome Candy Cane Christmas Cookies


6.26 k

These turned out perfect. Nice and crispy on the outside with a soft melt in the mouth explosion on the inside. I was really impressed. A bit like shortbread with a minty twist.

Candy Cane Cheesecake



Made this one last night, and it came out beautiful and delicious. I could find all these creamy, smooth and delicious things in every bite.

Chocolate Fresh Mint Ice Cream

25 days ago


Store-bought ice cream can never beat homemade ice cream, such as this chocolate fresh mint ice cream. It tastes minty-chocolaty, silky and rich. You won't believe it's actually...

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Peppermint Cream



Chocolate and mint are one of the most delicious pairs. These buttery and flakey chocolate cookies are sandwiched with peppermint cream. It's impossible to say no to these swee...

Peppermint Swirl/Pinwheel Refrigerator Cookies

7 days ago


Christmas cookies with pizzaz, can be stored in the refrigerator and then made as needed for fresh baked cookies anytime.

Christmas Candy Cane Cookies

14 days ago

1.76 k

This is one of my favorite Christmas Recipe especially for my children. They also loved making it over the years. Thanks again!!

Chocolate Mint Christmas Cookies

19 days ago


Get into the holiday spirit with these cookies that will make you wish it was Christmas every day of the year.

Candy Cane Ice Cream



What's for dessert at Christmas day? How about some homemade candy cane ice cream? It's made of low-fat milk, egg yolks and crushed candy cane. It's creamy and silky, crushed ca...

Chocolate Mint Brownies



Chocolate Mint Brownies recipe

Chocolate Mint Coffee



Chocolate Mint Coffee recipe

Mom's Choco-Mint Brownies



Choco-Mint Brownies recipe

Amazing Chocolate Mint Torte



Amazing Chocolate Mint Torte recipe

Ben and Jerry's Oreo Mint Ice Cream

15 days ago


Make your own Ben and Jerry's Oreo Mint Ice Cream at home, it tastes delicious and cool you down. Perfect for hot summer days.

Bon Bon Pie