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Celery leaves

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Celery, Cucumber, Fennel and Radish Salad with Vinaigrette

10 days ago


These fresh and crunchy vegetables make this delicious, refreshing and succulent salad, if you have your own vegetable garden, they are the easiest vegetables to grow, or find t...

Celery and Celery Root Soup



I created this super comfort food soup after discovering celery root (celeriac) thanks to my European husband. I combine typical American green celery stalks and leaves with cel...

Chicken Soup with Tiny Meatballs



Chicken Soup with Tiny Meatballs recipe

Cucumber Soup with Spring Vegetables



All veggies are young, fresh and full of spring garden aroma. Is there anything more lovely?

Leftover Turkey Waldorf Salad



A delicious way to use up your leftover turkey. Enjoy :)

New Potato Salad with Dried Tomatoes



This creamy and flavorful new potato salad is a great side dish with any summer BBQs.

Olive and White Mushroom Soup with 3-colors Fusilli



Once upon a time I was reading a magazine article about good cooking. The journalist tried to convince me not to use some combinations of ingredients. One of the "banned" combin...

Spring Cabbage with Mushrooms, Frankfurters and Shrimps



for fans of spring cabbage and untypical combinations..

Baked Stuffed Trout



Turn on the oven for this succulent dish that will have you licking your lips and your fingers!

Beefy Italian Minestrone Soup

23 days ago


Beefy Italian Minestrone Soup recipe

Best Stuffed Baked Ham with Honey Cider Glaze



Best Stuffed Baked Ham with Honey Cider Glaze recipe

Brazilian Chicken Rice Soup



A delicious and flavorful soup that's made from chicken and lots of vegetables. It's light and tasty.