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Barley is the earliest known grain to have been cultivated by man. Originally used to make bread and today for making beer. It produces a low-gluten flour and produces nourishing bread that keeps well. Pearl barley is used in soups, broths and stews.

Barley is known to help fight diabetes because the grain contains essential vitamins and minerals and is an excellent source of dietary fiber, particularly beta-glucan soluble fiber. Research has shown that barley promotes healthy blood sugar by slowing glucose absorption.

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Aduki and Squash Soup
Aduki & Squash Soup

Aduki and Squash Soup recipe

Amazing Hearty Soup

Amazing Hearty Soup recipe

Anoushabour (Christmas Pudding)

Instead of rice, this Christmas pudding is made with pearl barley, cinnamon and sugar. Pearly barley makes the pudding taste delicious and creamy while provides lots of goodness. Serve it with some chopped nuts and rose water if needed.

Apple & Barley Pudding (Irish)

A delicious dish made with pearl barley, juicy apples and a bit of double cream that just might make you lucky like the Irish!

Applesauce Filled Crepes
Applesauce Filled Crepes

Warm applesauce is cooked with a bit cinnamon and maple syrup, then filled into the folded whole wheat crepes. These delicious yet healthy crepes are ideal for breakfast. Make a bunch of crepes, store in an air-tight bag or container, then freeze them. Now you have the ready-to-go breakfast, a bit applesauce makes it to a whole new level.

Ash-E Jow (Iranian Barley Soup)

A delicious soup made with pearl barley, green lentils, onions and dried mint leaves.

Ash-E-Jow (Iranian/Persian Barley Soup) 1

A delicious soup made with pearl barley, green lentils, onions and dried mint leaves.

Authentic Italian Bread
Authentic Italian Bread

Authentic Italian Bread recipe

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